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OIC-VET workshops are practical novel tools to develop innovative ideas and solutions to improve the status of the vocational education and training in OIC member countries and formulise best policies and concerted actions towards overcoming common challenges and problems faced on the ground. So far, the workshops have played crucial roles in preparing the OIC-TVET Strategic Roadmap 2020-2025 as the framework of cooperation among countries, relevant OIC institutions and international organizations in the field of VET, and to strengthen the national VET systems especially by facilitating and promoting the intra-OIC transfer of knowledge and expertise. The participants of these workshops are the national focal points of the programme, as well as relevant OIC institutions and international organizations working in this domain.

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Please Select a Year: 2018 2016

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Ankara Turkey 09-11 May 2016 Workshop on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in OIC Member Countries: Needs and Capacity Assessment