Economic Development Studies » Productivity, Growth and Competitiveness

Productivity growth is a crucial source to improve standards of living. As suggested in the literature, sustaining productivity growth is the only way to have positive economic growth rate in the long‐run. This requires innovation and technological progress. While the level of productivity is critical in determining the returns to investments, higher returns to investments bring higher growth rates. Therefore, competitive economies with higher productivity levels are expected to generate higher income levels for their citizens.

Many OIC member countries experience shortages in either natural sources, physical capital or human resources. In order to generate more goods and services with the existing sources, which ultimately will help to eradicate poverty and to reach higher standards of living, policies to increase productivity growth carry a particular importance. The Centre has been preparing technical background reports to assess the latest economic developments by specifically focusing on production, growth, trade, investment, finance and employment. The Centre has been also presenting the Report to the annual sessions of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation (COMCEC). The research at SESRIC also generates important policy implications for achieving higher productivity and growth in OIC countries.