Resilience Building Studies » Palestine and Al Quds Al Sharif

Al-Quds was the impetus for establishing the OIC. The Organization was established upon a decision of the historical summit, which took place in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco on 25 September 1969 following the criminal arson of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem. It was meant to concretize and institutionalize the Islamic world’s vision and role as to what it could offer – at the Islamic States’ level – for the benefit of the cause of Palestine and Al Quds Al Sharif.

In working for the benefit of the cause of Palestine and Al Quds Al Sharif, the OIC deploys a number of strategies that aim at:

  • Preservation of the city of Al Quds Al Sharif / Jerusalem as a pivotal issue for the OIC and the Islamic Ummah at the international fora, through:
  • Providing support to the cause of Palestine and Al Quds Al Sharif, and defending them through:
  • Empowering the Palestinian citizens in the City of Al Quds and consolidating their resistance through

SESRIC research, for its part, is fully committed and engaged in OIC strategies and aims of supporting the Palestine and Al Quds Al Sharif. SESRIC research is centred on exposing Israel abuses and illegal measures towards the holy places and towards the Palestinian people and to describing life under occupation from a political, social and economic point of view. The ultimate objective of SESRIC research is develop a road map for the support of Palestine in the humanitarian, political, economic and social spheres.