OIC NETWORKS » Online Network of OIC Water Centres of Excellence (OIC Water Network)

OIC Water Network facilitates and encourages joint research, knowledge sharing, and exchange of experience through connecting centers of excellence within the OIC in water science, policy, management and technology development in order to identifying solutions to water challenges in the national and international agendas of OIC leaders. The members of this Network are Centres of Excellence from OIC Member States selected according to the accumulated experience in the focus areas and the track record of publications and/or coordination of relevant research.

The main objectives of the Network are as follows,

  • To connect institutions within the OIC in domain of water and technology development to build capacity, share and enhance knowledge, and to conduct joint research;
  • Provide platform for experts to exchange the knowledge, share information, case studies, experiences and best practices;
  • Spread knowledge, facilitate dialogue and explore opportunities to address water related challenges;
  • Leverage existing knowledge for evidence-based policies, plans, strategies and programmes; and
  • Conduct advocacy and policy dialogue among the Centres of Excellence through synergies and interlinkages.

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