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The issue of health and development of modern and sustainable health systems has recently gained greater importance and attention in many developing countries, including OIC members as one of the main drivers of socio-economic progress where more resources have been invested in this sector than ever being before. As a result, many OIC member countries have witnessed significant improvement in health care coverage and services and, consequently, they recorded declining trends in mortality rates both for adults and children. However, despite improvement, the situation remained significantly poor in member countries located in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa region mainly due to the lack of adequate and sustainable financial resources, poor health infrastructure, insufficient trained health workforce and slow progress on health reforms.

The domain of health is being identified as an important area of cooperation for joint Islamic action under the OIC-2025 Programme of Action. Over the years, OIC member countries have held six sessions of Islamic Conference of Health Ministers (ICHM) and chalked out the OIC Strategic Health Programme of Action (OIC-SHPA) 2014-2023 to address the public health related issues and challenges across the Islamic world. SESRIC has been actively supporting the efforts of OIC members in this domain by leading the preparation of the OIC-SHPA and production of technical reports on a wide array of health issues like MNCH, Pharmaceutical industry, Vaccines production, Polio, Cancer, Tobacco use and control. Besides, the Centre has been preparing the OIC Health Report since 2011 to serve as the main technical background document for the biennial sessions of the ICHM. This report also provides impetuous to the implementation of the OIC-SHPA by drawing a detailed picture of progress and gauging the performance of OIC member countries towards the implementation of actions and activities recommended by the Ministerial resolutions and the OIC-SHPA.