Resilience Building Studies » Diaspora and Minorities

The growing Muslim population is no longer a phenomenon exclusive to the Middle East-North Africa and Asia-Pacific regions. Over 1/5 of World’s Muslim population, today, lives in Europe, North America and Australia. Nevertheless, much of the interest in diasporic Muslim communities lies in and evolves around few common topics: the rise of Islamophobia and anti-immigrant sentiments among Western societies, and the like.

The above has rendered understanding Muslim diaspora and minorities as a priority of the highest order for the OIC and its member countries. The OIC has also a major role and responsibility to play in enhancing the success of diaspora activities. In this context, SESRIC recently launched a project titled Global Muslim Diaspora. This project allows SESRIC to provide an analysis, which is beyond Islamophobia, and instead, concentrates on enhancing the well-being of the Muslim diaspora. The objective this study is also to show that Muslims are much more than the scepticism, concerns, and questions that are attached to them by Western societies, power circles and policy makers.