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 Republic of Lebanon

Location and Geography

Lebanon is located on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean. It is bordered by Syria in the North and East, and Palestine in the South. With a width varying between 40 km. and 75 km. and a length of 215 km., the Mediterranean coast of the country is narrow and sloping. Lebanon is a mountainous country, with two parallel mountain ranges: the Lebanon Mountains extending North and South along the Western coast of Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon Mountains which hug the Eastern border with Syria. There are streams and rivers but they are not navigable, and few permanent crops, forests, woodlands, meadows and pastures. The country has an Alpin climate in the mountains and Mediterranean on the coast. The four seasons are perfectly distributed throughout the year. Rainfalls in winter are intense with snowfalls at 800 m. height and more. Along the coast, summers are hot and humid with little or no rain.